Quantitative Analytics

Quantlab provides a cross-asset analytics platform for Quants, Traders and Analysts that scales to meet your company’s needs, from a single desktop installation to enterprise-wide deployment.

Quantitative Analytics

Slash development times in half with Quantlab

Quantitative analytics used to imply tedious programming and error-prone maintenance of custom built solutions with inferior functionality and performance.

With Quantlab you get one unified and comprehensive cross-asset platform specifically made for building and deploying real-time based financial analytics application. Powered by our proprietary Qlang technology, it offers an efficient framework for financial calculations based on time series data and streaming real-time data. It can be used interactively by the analyst himself, or implemented as a solution for the trading or sales desk.

Unique for Quantlab is the tight link between financial modeling, realtime feeds and historical time series. All financial data – time series data as well as instrument and yield curve definitions – is stored in a central database and fetched automatically when needed. Financial instruments keep track of their feed identifiers and automatically source real-time data as needed.

With Quantlab, it just takes you minutes to create a dashboard or an application-type user interface, where all quantitative analysis always reflects the latest changes in both dynamic and static data.

Quantlab’s Key Features

  • Seamless integration with leading real-time feeds such as Bloomberg and Refinitiv
  • Comes with extensive library of financial functions and classes to facilitate and accelerate development
  • Powered by Qlang – the easy to learn and yet highly efficient coding language for quantitative finance.
  • Includes wide choice of API’s – Excel/Python/C#/REST – to access the platform

Key Benefits when Using Quantlab

  • Rapid development from idea to end-user application
  • Reuse and share workspaces and code within your organization
  • Become more productive and creative
  • Handle large workloads cost efficiently
  • Enjoy world class technical and financial support allowing you to make better decisions

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