With one of the market’s largest teams with qualified actuaries as well as consultants in risk management and legal & compliance, we have a broad understanding of insurance and occupational pension operations and regulations.


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Erik Gustafsson


The insurance industry is on a technology driven change were artificial intelligences underlying technologies are already deployed in several of our businesses, homes and vehicles. To accelerating digitalization for insurance companies, you need to embrace changes, and start adjust accordingly to accommodate e.g remote work, embed intelligent automation in your daily processes and operations, invest in digital technologies to support for example distribution and online channeling, incorporate machine learning and natural language processing for improved decision making and simplify and reduce compliance burden that will exponentially increase over time.

As artifical intelligence will reshape the insurance industry over the next couple of decades, different skillsets will be required to meet the load on data driven connectivity, increase use of automation technologies, open insurance and more user driven advanced analytics. For the majority of the technology driven changes, Advisense insurance consultants are well equipped with skills and experience to drive needed changes for you.

Advisense has one of the market’s largest teams with qualified actuaries as well as specialized consultants within risk management, data science and data architecture, legal and compliance and we have a broad understanding of insurance technologies in general and underlying platforms to guide you through complex regulation, technology vendor selections and / or advanced analytics frameworks for specific problems. 

As the pace of digitalization increases, you expect seamless both broad and specialized support, we have insurance practioners and teams that will support your strategic shift. We delivers tailor-made solutions adapted to the needs of the business where customer and business benefits as well as sustainability are in focus, while at the same time external and internal rules are complied with and state of the art advice and guidance on new technology-enablement to meet the insurance future.

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