The high pace of change within banking has accelerated due to covid-19, and we anticipate this rate of change to continue. A changing banking industry implies a changing regulatory and supervisory environment as well – recently with increased focus on ESG aspects and healthy long-term risk management. The sustainable target might be successful neobanks alongside successful traditional banks, and we look forward to being a significant part in ensuring a sound future state from a GRC stand point.


Banking business models are challenged by new entrants as well as new and changed regulations. From a governance perspective this challenge has to be taken into account continuously, which to most might be obvious however not trivial due to the speed of change.

At Advisense we work in close cooperation with our clients, allowing us to be proactive and act as catalysts. Together we understand more and cater for better investments and results. We take pride in focusing on the development of the whole banking market which mean working with all sizes of banking players e.g. we help new entrants into the market through assistance in application processes alongside taking on functions on managed services basis which ensures necessary competences and a streamlined organizational setup. For established players we provide a full service tool box within the GRC field.

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