Asset Management

There is constant development in the Asset Management area, with changes in regulations, technology and the rate of globalization. We see an increased regulatory burden and supervision from authorities which increases the demands of conducting licensed activities. We are part of that development, and can offer our clients a cost-effective asset management and/or trade execution, as well as the infrastructure to properly manage your business.

Asset Management

Our licensed fund management company is authorized to manage UCITS- and Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs). We can offer various comprehensive solutions based on the clients needs where the overall infrastructure, admin, risk management and/or asset managers around the funds is managed by specialists

Our solutions entail cost efficiency and enabling clients to focus on their revenue-generating core business, i.e. asset management, distribution and sales. We lower the risk for the client beneath levels if the client would run the fund themselves. We also also handle more specific parts of the clients operations, such as risk management and reporting

Providing a comprehensive solution for our customers, we can help you with all the elements required to run financial activities, such as outsourcing, authorities, governance, processes, as well as risk and compliance matters.

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