GRC Automation

We are future-proofing Governance, Risk, and Compliance management through a revolutionary GRC platform. Leveraging the substantial acumen of Advisense, the company combines expertise, innovation, and smart technology to create solutions tailored for the modern financial world.

GRC Automation

The modular approach of the platform enables tailored solutions based on any company’s need – whether it be the full GRC platform, support in compliance workflow management or scanning of regulatory changes and news.

The key features in the include:

GRC Automated Workflow

The platform comes with all tools needed to manage all things compliance including storing and collaborating on documents and spreadsheets, task management and calendar support to plan, allocate, execute and follow up on tasks.

In addition, the workflow is supported by an AI-enabled semantic search, gives you instant access to all European regulations within the financial sector (>30k documents) to untangle any regulatory question. 

Vendor Compliance Solution

Contract management can be a time-consuming process that many companies handle with the help of several Excel lists or other tools not fit for purpose. We provide one interface for managing and handling agreements, ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines for outsourcing arrangements. Includes automatic monitoring of outsourcing requirements changes and vendor Terms and Conditions.

Regulatory Horizon Scanning

Staying on top of regulatory changes and upcoming regulation is essential for any regulated business. It is also a major challenge facing professionals in the financial industry. The solution is regulatory news monitoring curated and assessed by our network of experts. The solution monitors hundreds of authoritative sources of regulatory news and enables easy subscription to news feeds that are curated to fit your region, institution-type or area of interest.

Policy Management

Access a wide range of policy templates, maintained and updated by over 400 legal & compliance professionals. 

For organisations with specific requirements, we offer tools to initiate custom policies from scratch. Our advanced workflow tools assist in automating key processes, ensuring a smooth policy development cycle.

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