PRI Reporting

PRI Reporting

About PRI

Supported by United Nations, the internationally recognised Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI or PRI), encourage investors to incorporate ESG issues into investment practice. 

By ensuring compliance towards the six Principles, companies can become an official signatory and publicly demonstrate its commitment to a more sustainable global financial system. 

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Our ESG advisors can help you

The upcoming PRI reporting season can pose challenges due to its increased workload and lack of time and/or expertise to complete the reports.

Outsourcing your reporting to our team of qualified ESG advisors will help you ensure effective compliance, whether it is your first-time or recurring reporting.

Outsourcing benefits

  • Ensure PRI compliance  
  • Maintain focus on your core business with better use of in-house resources
  • Gain a clear understanding and control over the most recent PRI reporting requirements


  • Review of previous and current PRI reporting requirements
  • Collecting and analyzing relevant data for submission 
  • Expert guidance on mandatory and voluntary PRI reporting  
  • Organization-wide PRI training 
  • Decision-making advice and recommendations

We help you navigate ESG

Our team of ESG advisors have in-depth knowledge and expertise in financial regulations, risk management supervisory practices.