Regulatory Reporting and Monitoring

Regulators and supervisory authorities continue to evolve the regulatory reporting landscape. Financial institutions are constantly playing catch up and are forced to focus on regulatory matters at the expense of their core business.

Regulatory Reporting and Monitoring

Advisense’s regulatory reporting and monitoring experts provide tailor-made solutions to support and empower you through the complex maze of global regulatory requirements.

Our dedicated team assists you with reviewing your current regulatory reports, reporting and monitoring system implementation, analyzing the impact of new regulations or providing with interim expertise. Advisense also offers tailor-made reporting-as-a-service solutions (COREP / FINREP / LIQREP / IFR reporting), thereby enhancing regulatory reporting control and quality assurance.

Moi Brajanovic

Managing Director – Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Advisory

In the ever-changing regulatory landscape, keeping your reports such as COREP/FINREP correct and up-to-date can be very challenging. Advisense can support and guide you through the regulatory jungle.

Our dedicated regulatory reporting and monitoring team can help you stay on top. Our extensive knowledge of assisting clients in all shapes and sizes we can help you interpret regulations such as CRR/CRD and IFR/IFD as well as offer valuable feedback of best practice on the market or reporting system implementation.

Advisense can provide you with:

  • GAP assessments of your current regulatory reports and reporting process
  • GAP assessments of upcoming regulations that may potentially affect your company’s regulatory reporting
  • Second opinions on regulatory matters
  • Implementation Management for Reporting Systems

Support and Interim

Within the world of regulatory reporting, it essential to be well prepared and positioned. If your company wants to stay ahead of the regulators, you must ascertain that your reports are correct and ensure that you have the necessary resources to produce your regulatory reports.

Advisense can help you:

  • Provide hands-on regulatory support during hectic periods
  • Create interim solutions during recruitment or to avoid key staff dependencies
  • Audit your regulatory reports on an ongoing basis
  • Proactively monitor upcoming regulatory change that will affect your company and its regulatory reporting

Our dedicated regulatory reporting experts will ensure that your company manages current and upcoming regulatory reporting matters, thereby enhancing regulatory reporting control and quality assurance.

Reporting as a Service

Regulators and supervisory authorities, as EBA continue to evolve the regulatory landscape. Financial institutions are constantly playing catch-up and are forced to focus more on regulatory affairs, taking focus from the core business.

With our end-to-end configurable Managed Services, we provide an automated tailor-made regulatory reporting solutions (COREP / FINREP / LIQREP/ IFR).

Advisense can assist your company through the complete reporting process, from mapping and validation of your data to calculations and report production. The process will be performed in close cooperation between Advisense and your company, making sure you always remain in control.

Key advantages:

  • Dedicated expertise – Subject-matter expertise team dedicated to managing your regulatory reporting and its deadlines, enabling you to focus on your core business
  • Quality Assurance – Greater data and reporting quality through standardization and harmonization of processing
  • Regulatory Change – Managed – Current and future regulatory change, effectively managed. Adaptation of all new technical standards is managed directly by Advisense.
  • Empowering Insights – Empower deeper business insight, helping to improve decision-making with regulatory data
  • Flexibility – Individually configurable solutions, enabling better planning and budgeting due to calculable costs

Analytics and Insights

Empower Your Decision-Making with Regulatory Data

Regulatory data requested from authorities is often very granular and difficult to gather. Our tailor-made BI solutions will help you visualize the regulatory data in a structured and comprehensible manner by pointing out key ratios and figures. We will help you to assess and analyze what actually happened in your firm during the reporting period.

With the analyses and data provided by Advisense based on your regulatory data, your company will be able to

  • Focus on insights and actions in comprehensible reports
  • Make better informed decisions that affect the future of your company.
  • Identify potential suboptimal parts of your business
  • Empower your decision-making by a data-driven approach

XBRL Converter

The must have for institutions under the supervision of the FSA

– Made possible by a partnership between Advisense and Parseport

XBRL is a global standard used for various financial reports such as FINREP, COREP, IFR/IFD and Fraudulent payments. The purpose of the XBRL format is to ensure standardized reporting in line with regulatory requirements as well as improve the quality of reported data. Since December 2020, with the introduction of EUCLID, all EBA reports need to be submitted in XBRL format to supervisors, companies that previously could simply tick a box for “nothing to report” or upload an Excel-file, now need to upload the respective reports in an XBRL format.

Advisense’s XBRL solution

  • Advisense’s XBRL Service is a passenger solution, which means that everything will be taken care of for you
  • Lets you convert your files from almost any format into XBRL or iXBRL
  • Gives you the ability to read XBRL and iXBRL files prepared in CRDIV taxonomies
  • Gives you direct access to our XBRL engine, where you will be able to perform all available functions

The benefits:

  • Keeps you up to date with the latest EBA XBRL taxonomies and regulatory reporting requirements
  • All EBA taxonomies and reports are included
  • No need to implement a specific software – you can simply run the add-in in Excel
  • Provides you with an instant validation
  • Gives you clear guidance on how to make any necessary corrections
  • A practical and direct solution to your XBRL problems at a competitive price

This service comes with the support of Advisense’s regulatory experts and has been developed by ParsePort’s skilled software engineers, with a long and deep understanding of the XBRL format.

Parseport are extensively experienced within the field of XBRL, providing their service to actors spanning from small firms to large banks in 14 countries.

Advisense has a long-term relationship with Parseport as a trusted business partner, providing a holistic solution both from a technical and regulatory perspective.

If you want more specifics about XBRL and Parseport, click here

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