Cyber & Digital Risk

We help you balance risks and identify opportunities in the digital space.

In partnership with our clients, we implement effective solutions to sustain digital resilience.

Cyber & Digital Risk

Our Expertise

Our experienced cyber security team offers a comprehensive suite of Cyber & Digital Risk services tailored to your unique requirements and needs, serving clients across various business sectors. From regulatory expertise to risk mitigation, we ensure your organisation stays secure and resilient in an ever-changing digital space.

Cyber Security

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We help securing cloud services, using state-of-the-art approaches to modern cybersecurity. We design and implement secure architectures, and help your products and services remain secure in both public and private cloud set-ups.

We test products, systems, apps, offices, data centres and IT/cloud infrastructure for security vulnerabilities, providing detailed remediation plans. Our pen testing services deliver measurable security improvements. Additionally, we test the ability to detect, respond and recover from advanced cyber-attacks to enhance the organisation’s resilience.

Security & Enterprise Architecture 
As we navigate the landscapes of both business and technology, we design, refine, and implement security blueprints as an integral part of your enterprise framework. Our custom-fit approach is adaptable to your unique needs and requirements whether you have a foundation built on stringent standards, specific challenges, or are starting fresh. We collaborate with development teams, providing expert insights into security design across varying perspectives such as components, services or network views. Our expertise covers contemporary security paradigms like Zero Trust, IAM, PKI, and beyond. Whether you seek the robustness of TOGAF and SABSA or prefer agile strategies like C4, we are flexible and able.

Product security
In collaboration with product teams, we facilitate the integration of security and privacy into products to efficiently create more secure products, structuring secure SDLCs or integrating dynamic security tools in the DEVOPS cycle.

We help secure IoT devices and Operating Technology (OT) which can encompass a wide range of applications, from modern power plants to consumer devices. We assist our clients in designing and testing the security controls embedded into their devices. Additionally, we conduct supply chains audits and test our clients’ ability in detecting and responding to attacks against national critical infrastructure.

Identity & Access Management (IAM) is not just a facet of security; it is a cornerstone in today’s digital ecosystem, and its integration with your business processes is essential. Bridging both business and technological domains, we can help you in establishing Identity and Access Management (IAM) processes that support to your organisation.  We can help you design IAM architecture, procure solutions and establish and optimise processes. Whether you are building on an existing foundation rich in protocols or starting new, our advisors are prepared. We work closely with the business function to understand its needs and collaborate with development and infrastructure teams to meet theirs. When it is time for implementation, we are ready to take lead and help drive success in this phase.

We advise on a range of services, including security strategies, building and scaling cyber security teams, incident response, governance, reporting to boards and assisting clients with audits, due diligence, and supervision by the FSA. We can also serve as CISO or heads of security teams.

Information Security

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We provide guidance in establishing a robust information security governance framework to align security strategies and requirements with business goals and regulations, ensuring data protection and resilience.

We share expert guidance and help you implement regulatory compliance for ICT risk management and information security such as NIS2 and DORA.

We design and implement robust and tailored information security frameworks for comprehensive protection in line with industry best practices.

We improve and optimise ISMS processes to ensure alignment with organisations risk profile, strategy, global standards and best practices. This promotes a comprehensive view on security, strengthens your organisation’s ability to manage, monitor and continuously enhance its information security stance.

We offer CISO-as-a-Service, as an interim or outsourcing solution. The service includes governance and leadership of information security, from first or second line of defence.

We perform comprehensive maturity assessments and audits, to evaluate the effectiveness of the organisation’s information security practices.

Operational Resilience


Resilience strategy
We help you to connect your business goals and operational requirements to a future-proof resilience strategy. Together we adapt and rearchitect your organisation to a new reality where crisis and disruption have become more prevalent.

Our Business Continuity Management (BCM) services goes beyond mere emergency planning. Drawing from our international and cross-sector experience, we build a systematic BCM approach for your business, covering everything from Risk and Business Impact assessments to verification of your resilience capabilities.

Crisis and emergency preparedness exercises
As part of most Business Continuity frameworks, testing and verifying your organisation’s resilience provide the necessary assurance for your response to the next crisis. We design and facilitate crisis exercises across domains for different audiences, ranging from management teams to operative cyber incident response teams.

We provide information and cyber security awareness training that is tailored to your organization. Based on our deep expertise in real word social engineering tactics, on current threats and challenges – we keep your knowledge and vigilance up to date.

Social Engineering Tests
We perform social engineering simulations to verify, train and strengthen your organisation’s security awareness and resilience. The simulations can be performed  tailored to your specific needs and the result will be presented with concrete recommendations for improvement.

Operational Risk

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Strategic Operational risk management
We help operational risk management functions transition from a control-oriented “here and now” perspective to a becoming a forward-looking and strategic business partners. We assist organisations in evaluating potential future risks and making informed strategic decisions.

Organisational optimisation and risk compliance 
We streamline organisational structures, aligning them with organisations’ needs and regulations, while also developing best-practice processes to ensure compliance with the organisation’s risk appetite.

We assist in developing tailored measurements in operational risk management and quantification in order to assess their current risk exposure, including models for capital adequacy assessments.


Privacy & Digital Law

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Privacy support
We provide a comprehensive and tailored support to ensure compliance within privacy and data protection regulatory frameworks.

We ensure the smooth operation of your GDPR program by implementing and improving data protection related policies, processes, and providing support for the management of data protection strategy, risks and compliance. We also offer DPO-as-a-service as an interim or outsourcing solution to oversee and monitor privacy compliance within your organisation.

Data Protection assessments and audits
We conduct data protection assessments, risk analysis and audits to assess compliance and best practices. We support your organisation in implementing privacy by design across different processing activities, business processes and operations.

Digital Law Advisory
We advice on emerging digital and data laws to o ensure your organisation stays on top of the requirements and understand the needs of digital regulation, such as the AI Act, Data Act, Data Governance Act, DMA, DSA, NIS2, DORA, and more.

CIO & CTO Advisory


We offer comprehensive regulatory guidance, ensuring your organisation stays compliant with ever-evolving laws and standards, mitigating risks, and fostering trust.

We establish robust IT governance frameworks, enhancing decision-making processes, optimising resource allocation, and driving efficiency, all while aligning IT initiatives with strategic objectives.

We create future-proofed IT strategies, defining clear goals, fostering technology-driven innovation, and promoting agility in a dynamic digital landscape.

In transactions where IT or technology is a significant part of valuation in a transaction, either as asset or risk, we support both buyer and seller side in the due diligence process. Typically, we assist with the valuation while ensuring regulatory compliance, governance and technical and security debt. We also perform security and privacy verification of products.

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Your ability to detect and respond will determine whether you survive an advanced cyber-attack with minor scratches or suffer a fatal wound. This article covers Red Teaming and the benefits it brings to securing and enhancing the resilience of an organisation’s assets and infrastructure.

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When high-consequence, low-probability events such as global pandemics and war materialises, our risk models governing information security and privacy tend to fail.

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Navigate Regulatory Resilience

Reflections, perspectives and advice on how to leverage current and future regulations to strengthen resilience.

CDR NIS2 Article Photo Network Security Systems Directive

NIS2 – An Introduction

NIS2, stands for Network and Information Security Directive and will come into force in October 2024.

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A Guide to the AI Act

The EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act will become one of the most comprehensive legal frameworks for AI globally. 

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The Digital Operational Resilience Act | DORA

The DORA legislation creates a regulatory framework for digital operational resilience.

Financial entities and critical third-party ICT service providers must ensure compliance by January 2025.

DORA Digital Operational Resilience Act

NIS2 | Network & Information Security

The implementation of the NIS2 Directive is scheduled for October 18th, 2024.

We assist you in ensuring compliant operations and recognising potential benefits under NIS2, thereby bolstering your organisation’s resilience against cyber threats and attacks.

Penetration Testing (Pentest)

Penetration testing (pentest) evaluates system security, identifies vulnerabilities and prioritises risk mitigation for enhanced cyber defense.

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