Contract Lifecycle Management

Handle all your outsourcing arrangements and standard agreements in one solution with Oasys+.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract management can be a time consuming process. Many companies handle their agreements with Excel lists or other tools not fit for purpose.

With Oasys+ you can handle all your outsourcing arrangements and standard agreements in one solution and ensure you stay compliant with EBA, EIOPA and ESMA outsourcing guidelines.

Jens Wergeni

Head of Tech Solutions

Oasys+ Key Features

  • One solution for all arrangements and agreements
  • Outsourcing arrangement regulations embedded
  • Life cycle management
  • Enterprise collaboration

“With Advisense Oasys+ we can actively manage all our arrangements and service providers efficiently throughout our whole organization in all eleven markets.”

– Hoist Finance. Read the full case here

Key Benefits from Using Oasys+

  • Full Control and Overview. Oasys+ provides you with full control and a consolidated view of all your outsourcing arrangements and supplier agreements. As a result, Oasys+ makes management of service providers efficient and secure with full audit traceability.
  • Accessible Information. All details of each outsourcing arrangement are readily available to key stakeholders, such as business owners, compliance officers, risk functions, and auditors to ensure well-informed decisions.
  • Easy to Use. Oasys+ makes it easy to record, upload, store, and track all information for each arrangement. All the details are presented in a consolidated view, allowing you to manage the arrangements without having to involve other systems or colleagues.
  • Life cycle management. Oasys+ supports the management of all supplier agreements and outsourcing arrangements throughout the agreement’s life cycle. The contractual relationship with a supplier is dynamic and changes over time. Oasys+ allows you to manage these transitions easily and efficiently.

Examples of Our Work

A major debt restructuring company freed up 2 FTEs by migrating all their outsourcing arrangements into Oasys+ making their 200+ outsourcing arrangements accessible with the accurate information at the right time.

For Customer B, a smooth implementation was key. In five weeks they were up and running and could begin benefit from the system

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Contract Lifecycle Management Contract Lifecycle Management
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