Seminars, Webinars and Events

Seminars, Webinars and Events

We enjoy discussing current issues within our areas of expertise and to share our insights with you. We invite you to participate in our different events, targeted at professionals in Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Discover and sign up for our upcoming seminars, webinars and events on this page.

Discover and sign up for our upcoming seminars, webinars and events on this page.

Upcoming events



Specialistdagen 2024 – Malmö

[Swedish] Malmö Physical event 2024-09-26


Specialistdagen 2024 – Stockholm

[Swedish] Stockholm Physical event 2024-10-09

Försäkringsforum 2024

[Swedish] Stockholm Physical event 2024-10-16

Pre-recorded webinars

Privacyåret 2022 – Nyheter och fokusområden

[Swedish] Webinar from 2022-03-10

Q&A Sanctions Screening Beyond Basics

[Swedish] Webinar from 2022-05-23

Previous seminars, webinars and events

Risk Management

Insurance Data Science Conference 2024

[Swedish] Stockholm Sponsoring physical event from 2024-06-17/18

NPL Forum 2024

[German] Frankfurt Sponsoring physical event 2024-06-05

ALM Update 2024

[English] Copenhagen Physical event from 2024-04-29

Hvidvask Academy – Advisense DK with collaboration with Insight Event

[Danish] Copenhagen Physical event from 2024-04-16

GRC Conference 2024

[Swedish] Stockholm Sponsoring physical event from 2024-04-10

Nordic Captive Summit 2023

[Swedish] Physical event from 2023-10-20

FCG:s Specialistdag 2023 | Stockholm

[Swedish] Stockholm Physical event from 2023-10-05

Försäkringsforum 2023

[Swedish] Stockholm Physical event from 2023-09-20

FCG:s Specialistdag 2023 | Malmö

[Swedish] Malmö Physical event from 2023-05-30

Captive Summit 2023

[Swedish] Stockholm Physical event from 2023-05-23

GRC Conference 2023

[Swedish] Stockholm Physical event from 2023-04-26/27

Beating the Fraudster

[English] Webinar from 2023-03-30

Modellering og validering i finansforetak

[Norwegian] Webinar from 2022-12-13


Financial Crime Prevention

Bribery, Corruption & Undue Influence

[Swedish] Moderator 2023-12-11/12

Penningtvättsdagarna 2023

[Swedish] Stockholm Physical event 2023-05-03/04

FCG´s Hvidvaskseminar April 2023

[Danish] Copenhagen Seminar from 2023-04-26

Optimizing Transaction Monitoring

[English] Webinar from 2023-04-25

Optimizing Transaction Monitoring

[Swedish] Webinar from 2023-03-16

Optimizing for real impact

[Swedish] Stockholm Half-day seminar 2023-03-10

Vad krävs för ett effektivt penningtvättsarbete 2023?

[Swedish] Gothenburg Half-day seminar 2023-03-01

Q&A Penningtvätt

[Swedish] Webinar from 2022-06-24

Q&A Penningtvätt

[Swedish] Webinar from 2022-05-21

Cyber Security

DORA and Threat Led Penetration Testing

[English] Webinar 2024-05-22

DORA på styrerommet

[Norwegian] Seminar from 2024-05-02

Operatiivisen riskin aamiaisseminaari

[Finnish] Helsinki Seminar 2024-04-25

Pop-up-foredrag i Bergen med Gary McGraw

[English] Bergen Seminar from 2024-04-22

DORA | Simplified ICT Risk Management Framework

[English] Webinar from 2023-12-07

Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector

[Swedish] Speaker session, physical event 2023-11-15

Cyber Security Nordic, Helsinki

[English] Sponsored physical event 2023-11-07/08

DORA | Incident Management & Classification

[English] Webinar from 2023-10-27

DORA | Achieving Digital Operational Resilience

[English] Webinar from 2023-06-13

DORA | Innsikt og erfaringer

[Norwegian] Olso Seminar from 2023-06-08

DORA | An Introduction to Cyber Professionals

[Swedish] Webinar from 2023-03-07

Introducing DORA

Webinar from 2022-12-08



Nyhetsdag i hållbarhet 2023 – BG Institute

[Swedish] Speaker session, physical event 2023-11-27

Greenwasing i finansiell verksamhet

[Swedish] Webinar from 2023-03-28

Sustainability in the Insurance Industry

[Swedish] Webinar from 2023-03-09

Sustainability in the insurance industry

[Swedish] Webinar from 2023-01-31