Risk & Finance

We provide expertise within risk management, finance and treasury, supporting you with everything from strategic initiatives and risk appetite frameworks to IT implementation and maintenance.

Risk & Finance

Do you need support to adjust business models and processes to stay efficient in the new financial environment and regulations?

Our financial specialists can review and optimize your finance and treasury operation, ensure cost efficient processes, utilizing their combined experience of operational and regulatory knowledge.

We support you with strategic initiatives, risk appetite framework, internal governance framework, risk management, ICLAAP, stresstesting, recovery plans, credit risk modelling and validation, monitoring and control, as well as IT- implementation and maintenance.

Kenneth Ullmann Eenholt

Head of Advisense Denmark

Risk Strategy

“Apart from their expertise and experience, what drew us to working with Advisense was the fact that we had the genuine feeling that they wanted us to succeed with the project, and that they would be strongly engaged in getting us across the finish line. There was a positive spirit and energy that we strongly related to”
– Gunnar Ekeroth, CRO Volvofinans Bank

We work closely with both the largest banks and insurance companies as well as providing services to small and medium sized organizations and the start-ups in the financial sector.

Advisense’s unique position in the financial services sector ensure tailored solutions for the board and senior management, ensuring the feasibility of strategic initiatives. We do this by means of in-depth market knowledge while considering the impact of regulatory initiatives from a forward-looking perspective.

We provide you with:

  • The combination of strategic insights and hands-on experience of delivering on strategic goals
  • Adaptation of internal framework to strategic changes
  • The ability to adapt risk strategies in accordance with regulatory requirements

Risk Measurement and Management

Our risk measurement and risk management services cover all types of risk that financial institutions are exposed to, including areas less explored by the industry, such as the modelling of strategic, business, and environmental risks.

Combining leading modelling methodologies within credit risk, market risk, and liquidity risk measurement with the opportunities of new technology, we support you in all risk areas, as well as assist you in setting the scene for future developments in the sector.

By measuring the risk through stress-testing frameworks or the modelling of individual risks, we help you with risk management recommendations and actions. We support the risk management process and its alignment to internal limits and risk appetite formulations.

With long and in-depth knowledge of the assessment processes we assist in matters with supervisory authorities.

What you gain:

  • Extensive hands-on experience of risk modelling within all relevant risk areas, and all levels of seniority of modelers, from able juniors to a broad range of experts with 10+ years of expertise within each specific area
  • Data scientists with the mathematical background enabling them to model all sorts of optimization problems
  • Experienced actuarial- and risk resources
  • Understanding of best practice solutions and capabilities for carrying out benchmark assessment
  • Project leadership with risk- and regulatory expertise
  • Insights from numerous supervisory processes with in-depth understanding of the requirements that needs to be met.


Our credit services cover all aspects of credit risk management, including governance for credit granting and monitoring. We support you with reviews of risk appetite framework, internal governance frameworks, risk management and control, interpretation and implementation of new regulations and hands-on support to credit departments.

Over the years, Advisense has supported a wide range of customers, from large banks to start-ups, and has a combination of theoretical and practical subject matter expertise, with extensive experiences from the regulatory perspective to former credit analysts and chief credit officers.

We provide you with:

  • Understanding of best practice for the size and the complexity of your business and operations  
  • Insights from supervisory processes with in-depth understanding of the requirements that needs to be met
  • Project leadership with content expertise
  • Extensive hands-on experience of GAP analyses and implementation of new credit risk regulation
  • Experts on credit risk modelling

Risk Technology

Advisense provides you with technological solutions, from standard components currently present in the financial sector, to new and leading solutions. We support you with efficient applications which will help you increase the performance of your organization.

By combining programming, project management, and subject matter expertise, Advisense has a unique set of skills which ensure you cost-effective and efficient implementation projects within the risk, ALM, and AML, and insurance space.


Our experts help you establish a state-of-the-art treasury that will provide the right conditions for your business to grow and develop according to plan. Read more about our full treasury offering here

Market Risk and Valuation

We assist you with independent analysis and construction of the right models to measure your risk in an informative and regulatory compliant manner. We provide advice and instructions regarding market consensus approaches and reliable calculation tools.

Current trends and technical management of risk and collateral provide opportunities to recognize better and more stable valuation of assets and liabilities. Our experts will help you establish state-of-the-art processes that will provide the right conditions for your firm to develop according to plan.

We help you with:

  • Independent valuation assessments of financial instruments and alternate investment funds (AIF)
  • Ensuring that regulatory requirements are satisfied, including FRTB support and counterparty credit risk
  • Detailed market risk analysis and consultative knowledge in relation to impact to capital and liquidity requirements and overall market exposure within Pillar 1 and IRRBB sensitivities for treasury departments
  • Functionally extendible solutions for Pillar 2 purposes, ILAAP and ICAAP, etc.
  • Project management and planning for market-wide transitional arrangements, such as IBOR phase-out

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