Kammarkollegiets new framework for audit services in the Swedish Public Sector

Kammarkollegiet has finalised its procurement of a framework agreement covering audit services. We are pleased to announce that, once again, we have been designated as one of the qualified suppliers of internal audit, IT audit, and forensic services for the Swedish Public Sector. We take pride in our extensive experience in providing these services to government agencies across the board.

The framework agreement can be used for call-off orders by government agencies, state-owned commercial enterprises, AP funds, the Swedish Courts and the National Courts Administration, and Swedish foreign missions. In addition to these, nine other organisations have chosen to be able to place call-off orders under this agreement (Akademiska Hus AB, Kungliga Operan AB, Riksdagens ombudsmän, Riksdagsförvaltningen, Riksteatern, Stiftelsen Rödakorshemmet, Svenska filminstitutet, Sveriges Civilförsvarsförbund and Sveriges Riksbank).

At Advisense, formerly Transcendent Group, we have always had a significant portion of our business tied to the public sector. We have extensive experience in internal audit and IT audit within the public sector, working with various government agencies, universities, and government-owned corporations. We’ve held roles such as auditors, lead auditors, subject matter experts, and interim heads of internal audit.

What we often see is that our public sector clients have a need for staff augmentation during certain periods to cover all the audits they have in plan. Another area of high demand is competence reinforcement in different areas, notably in IT governance, information security, change management, portfolio and project management, and data analysis.

The framework agreement was finalised on 2024-03-02 and is valid for four years. We are committed to delivering high-quality internal audit and IT audit services. The high quality we achieve is a result of our internal audit consultants having extensive experience in working with internal audit, both in consulting roles as well as internal audit managers, or as employees within internal audit departments, which is something we often find our clients requesting.

Being one of the organisations chosen by Kammarkollegiet to enter into a framework agreement is a testament to the competence and experience we possess, aligning with the needs of our clients in the public sector. The new framework agreement differs from the previous iteration. We see the advantage of making larger call-offs to facilitate an efficient process for both parties. The call-off can encompass multiple audits in one call-off or a combination of audit support, method support, etc. This way, we get to know you and your organisation better, enabling us to create added value in our services.

We look forward to continuing to deliver high-quality services to our public sector clients!

More information about the framework is available on www.avropa.se

Daniel Lindberg Nironen

Senior Manager

Charlotte Eklund

Director, Internal Audit