Working at FCG: A Senior Associate perspective

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Who are you and what do you do at FCG? 

My name is Mia Söderlind and I work in the Insurance team, focusing on finance and reporting. I live in Malmö and work at our Malmö office, which has a great atmosphere and fantastic colleagues. I love being outdoors and you will more often than not find me on my cross-country skis, although snow is hard to come by here in the south. During my four years at FCG I’ve worked with several different clients in the financial industry, mainly helping them with their regulatory reporting and advising them regarding capital adequacy, liquidity and capital requirement matters. This consists of interpreting regulations and providing best practice in regards to expectations of supervisory authority.

What previous experiences do you have and what brought you to FCG? 

Before I came to FCG, I studied my bachelor’s degree at Lund School of Economics and Management and finished my master’s degree in Finance during 2019. Alongside my studies, I worked at a bank and did an internship as an audit assistant at Deloitte here in Malmö. Besides my background in finance, it was the culture and the people that brought me to FCG. It is a very social and welcoming place to work, for example we have a book club, running teams and play paddle tennis together every Thursday. You also get to meet your colleagues from the other offices on our yearly ski trips. Another important reason why I choose FCG is that it is a very flat organization, which I appreciate a lot. It’s also common with cross-functional teams in FCG, which foster strong relationships between colleagues at different levels and areas. Also, being involved in a variety of projects, you get to meet a lot of different clients and people, making it a perfect place to develop your career and gain experience from the financial industry.

What made you choose Insurance as your area of expertise?  

For me, it’s the variation of the Insurance industry and how much it varies from client to client. It’s a complex landscape to work in, both in terms of regulations, data, mathematical modelling, technology, and business models. The industry is undergoing a transformation where the focus is on digitalization and automation of insurance, and it is interesting to follow this development and how it will affect the industry. This will of course affect our area of expertise as well, and I look very much forward to helping our clients manage and improve their regulatory reporting processes.

Who do you think thrives at FCG? 

People who are open-minded, not afraid to take initiative and who like to stay on top of changes in the industry will thrive and grow at FCG. FCG has an entrepreneurial mind set; if you have a good idea, they will support you in developing that idea. If you enjoy working in a friendly environment, meeting different people, and are interested in transforming and developing client processes, you will succeed at FCG – particularly in our Finance and Reporting team at Insurance.

What is it about your team that makes it so good to work in?  

I think that what makes us a good team is the mix of competence at different levels. We are a team of experts that have a broad range of experience from different industries. We have people with backgrounds in the insurance and financial industries, as well as from the supervisory authority and consultancy sector. We also have a great team spirit where people dare to challenge each other but also are supportive and caring towards each other. Combining that with the fact that our team consists of nice and very genuine people is the key to our team culture.

What are your predictions for the future of the financial industry? 

I think the journey towards a more digital and data-driven business will speed up. Another important topic is of course climate change. The legal requirements are getting tougher and tougher, there will be an increased focus on sustainability reporting and quantifying climate-related financial risks.

Mia Söderlind


Are you interested in a position with us? We are currently looking for a Financial Analyst to join our Finance & Reporting-team.

Apply here.

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Working at FCG: A Senior Associate perspective Working at FCG: A Senior Associate perspective
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Working at FCG: A Senior Associate perspective

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