Why Co-sourcing? Part II: Regulatory Monitorning

We highlight some challenging areas within risk and compliance and how FCG can help. Through co-sourcing, companies may delegate certain parts of a function, process, or recurring activity. Your company is able to complement the business with expertise, resources, independence and continuity while retaining overall responsibility and control.

This time about Regulatory Monitoring.

Regulatory Monitoring

In a constantly changing environment, regulatory monitoring can be a time-consuming task. If the regulatory monitoring was made simple and if you also got a pointer as to how the rules affect your business, IT, organization and internal governance – then more time could be spent on actually implementing and spreading awareness of the rules in the business.

FCG has developed a service that monitor not only new and changing regulations, but also important reports from supervision authorities and industry practice in the countries where FCG is located. New and changing regulations that affect your business are summarized and presented in a neat format, which can easily be appended to reports to the board and management.

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Why Co-sourcing? Part II: Regulatory Monitorning Why Co-sourcing? Part II: Regulatory Monitorning
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Why Co-sourcing? Part II: Regulatory Monitorning

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