IoT and The Threat Landscape

No one has missed what value IoT can bring for both companies and the customer while being used in homes, medical devices, cars etc., the threat landscape is an increased area of focus.

The security in these devices can be compared to the early era of internet when security was poor and immature. The 2nd biggest DoS attacks ever recorded called Mirai happened in 2016 which consisted of hacked IoT devices, through bad design and default passwords the malware scanned the internet with known credentials and created a huge botnet to attack different targets. The cybersecurity company Palo Alto have seen a new version of Mirai in 2019 being used in the wild, the overall trend is more focus on similar attacks to be used both to attack companies and or to steal the data because of the immature security on different IoT devices.

Carsten Maartmann-Moe

Head of Cyber & Digital Risk

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IoT and The Threat Landscape IoT and The Threat Landscape
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IoT and The Threat Landscape

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