The Associate Track 2018 – Meet Alex!

Hey! Yo! Hello! Welcome!

My name is Alexandra, but you can call me Alex. You will follow my 6 months as an FCG Associate, so welcome to me!

I became part of the FCG-family this spring when I did a ten-week long internship at the company whilst still at university. My internship was the final step between me and my Master of Science in Commercial and Business law. After finishing my internship in June, my student life came to an end. Also, that meant me moving from Linköping, where I had been studying the last five years.

Before starting my internship, I already had high expectations of FCG, being my first workplace and all, but to be honest I had no idea if I really would enjoy the work or not. But only a few days into my internship FCG felt like home and I wanted to stay. And here I am, happier than ever! Today I’m no longer an intern, but instead I am what is called an Associate. What that really means I will tell you guys over this coming fall, so stay tuned!

“I will show you life at, and with, FCG. Why? Because it’s simply amazing!”

Who am I?

Well, I am a 27-year-old girl with a huge love for friends, family, travel and running. I was born and raised in Täby, a suburb north of Stockholm. I have a little sister who is only one year younger than me. Today she is my best friend, but that was not the case every single day growing up. I can imagine some of you knowing what I’m talking about. It´s of course the perils of sibling love!

I hope you will find it interesting to follow me around FCG this fall, as I navigate through interesting work as well as maaaany social activities with my colleagues. I promise you that I will do my best to show you all how it is to be an Associate at FCG. But also, I will show you life at, and with, FCG. Why? Because it’s simply amazing!

With that said, over n’out for now ????

See you soon again/ Alex

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The Associate Track 2018 – Meet Alex! The Associate Track 2018 – Meet Alex!
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The Associate Track 2018 – Meet Alex!

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