FCG in the first international CryptoFinance Summitt

FCG is an innovative partner to the financial industry. We are dedicated to contribute to the development of the FinTech industry. FCG  has a clear and valuable offering to the Fintech industry and we seek to be the trusted advisor to both the established players AND  to the disruptive and innovative Fintech industry. We are therefore proud to take part in this first international CryptoFinance Summit in Oslo.

We believe that to protect participants and disruptive innovators as well as the consumers, a level playing field is important. Thus, it is better to find some form of rule-of-game and/or regulation that protect all parties involved. It is important that we continue to improve and ease the progress of these new Technologies.

This new Crypto Currency technology can create enormous progression if applied onto new markets, areas, products and services in the financial industry and beyond.

To challenge the establishment and the financial industry on their own home-turf is one thing, but to apply this technology onto underdeveloped or  areas and geographies (emerging markets) can be very helpful and successful. Especially where there is no existing infrastructure but a huge need for an efficient trusted decentralized exchange and market Place.

We strongly encourage the technical innovation and idea of bitcoin and its revolutionary and disruptive idea of a decentralized ledger technology. The problem, and we believe unfortunate choice, is to pursue the idea of a new and separate currencies for this technology.

The extremely valuable and successful result of Bitcoin as we see it,  is the very successful block-chain technology. And this is clearly agreed within the financial industry where it has been adopted or perhaps “stolen” and explored by the establishment through co-operations like DLG and R3.

FCG is an innovative partner to the Fintech industry with specialist competence within regulatory interpretation and impact, together with expert knowledge and competence in areas like Market Risk, Liquidity risk, counterparty risk and consequences of volatility as well as AML.

CryptoFinace Summit 17/10 2016

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FCG in the first international CryptoFinance Summitt FCG in the first international CryptoFinance Summitt
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FCG in the first international CryptoFinance Summitt

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